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We are Mental Health Innovations (MHI) offering peer support training and peer counselling programs

Transforming workplace mental health
through the power of human connectio

We lead innovative and sustainable change in organizations that enhance the mental health of their people. When it comes to workplace mental health, we walk the talk.

In any given week, approximately 500,000 Canadians will miss work due to mental health issues.

The economic burden of mental illness in
Canada is over  $50 billion per year.

At any given time, 1 in 4 of your people
are affected by mental health problems.

Make a difference for your people,
and to your bottom line.


MHI has the effective, proven solution.

Connecting with those who share similar lived experiences is proven essential for recovery.

This is the Power of Peer Support

Workplace Results:

  • Reduces sick leave
  • Accelerates EAP use and access to professional care
  • Lowers both Long-Term and Short-Term Disability

People need more than clinical care to recover. They need Peer Support.

The People Support Program is a game changer!

The People Support Program (PSP) is a specialized outsourced solution to virtually manage your employee volunteers, ready to help others struggling with a mental health challenge.

This is peer support and training re-engineered for the contemporary workplace.

MHI takes care of everything on your behalf and brings a secure digital platform to every program, which can be scaled to accommodate organizations of all sizes.

People Support Program (PSP) is a subscription-based service that is comprehensive, scalable and achievable. The implementation process includes:

Business Cases – To help you create an accurate and feasible plan, MHI assesses your current practices and compares them with the real needs of your people


Standardized Policies – You get a robust framework of protective policies and procedures compliant with national standards, tested and proven across both public and private sectors (1)


Recruiting Services – We identify and qualify your volunteer peer supporters through our extensive competency-based selection process (2)


Learning and Development – We deliver comprehensive learning experiences and peer support training to build your team of peer supporters


Practice Leadership – We are the ongoing safety net for your peer supporters, providing them with mentorship, and driving their professional development


Ongoing Management – We provide monitoring, oversight and coordination of your entire program to ensure maximum effectiveness over time


Robust Technology – Our comprehensive, easy-to-use platform tracks usage and key performance indicators, providing you rigorous program accountability

The People Support Program (PSP) will help your organization meet the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety. For organizations who administer their own programs, MHI can support by providing any one of the components above. 

(1) National Guidelines for Peer Support (MHCC)
(2) National Standards of Practice for Peer Support (Peer Support Canada)

Your Peer Supporters are the backbone of the program. 

The platform is the back end. 


This ensures accountability and secure data capture for the program.

How much does it cost?

Each organization is quoted individually, and pricing is based on a monthly cost per employee.  

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  • Leverage untapped resources
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Maximize productivity
  • Improve your bottom line
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Transform your organization
Talk to MHI today. We have the effective, proven solution.

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